Ziua 4-21-06-2017, Florin Barbu, Greva Foamei, Ambasada Angliei, Bucuresti.


?? Ziua 4 ?? English below ⭐️ Greva Foamei ⭐️ Hunger strike -Ambasada Marii Britanii Bucuresti – Pana azi toata lumea a fost ocupata cu ce se intampla in Parlament rog ca cineva sa isi faca timp si pentru copii mei fiecare zi e foarte importanta.Azi dimineata am depus un memoriu la Ambasada Marii Britanii din Bucuresti pe aceasta cale rog domnul Ambasador si toti cei din conducere sa faca tot ce este necesar pentru repatrierea copiilor mei Andy si Diana Barbu Racolta.Doamne Ajuta-ne “Cea mai mare bogatie din aceasta lume sunt copiii, mai mult decat toti banii din lume si toata puterea de pe pamant.” – Mario Pentru ?? Up to date everyone was concerned with the negociations going on in the Parliament. I beg you that you allow some of your time for the situation of my children. Every day passing by is important. This morning I have lodged a memorandum with the Embassy of Great Britain in Bucharest and I kindly ask Her Majesty’ Ambasador and all personnel having prerogatives to take the necessary measures in order that my children, Andy and Diana Barbu Racolta be returned to their country Romania.May God have mercy in us! “The biggest fortune in this world are the children, more precious than all the money in the world and than all the power on Earth”. Mario Puzo

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